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Nail Decals Without Clear Film - Felling Nature

Nail Decals Without Clear Film - Felling Nature

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Looking for perfect decals without clear film?

got you! Ease of use allows nail artists at any skill level to create a nail design masterpiece in just a few minutes.

This decals :


Can be used on any background

Does not tear when applied

Can be used with cold water

High image quality

Easy to apply and takes the shape of the nail

How to apply:

 After prepping your nails and applying the base coat or color, be sure to wipe off the sticky layer.

For the best adhesion, avoid using an acidic primer. Instead, you can apply a thin layer of base coat, dry for 10 seconds, or no acidic primer.

When using stickers, make sure they are not too big for your nails. If necessary, you can cut them down to size before moving on to the next step.

Spray some water(warm is working quicker)on a cotton pad and place the pre-cut decals on the pad, with the art facing you. Let the decals sit on the pad for 10-25 seconds.

To transfer the design onto your nail, you can use a silicone stamp or gently slide the sticker off its paper.

If the sides of the sticker are too visible or if there are any air bubbles, you can use a no acidic primer or ultrabond to remove them.

Finally, finish your design by applying two layers of top coat.

Made in Ukraine  

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