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LunaMoon Cover Base 4, 13ml, White

LunaMoon Cover Base 4, 13ml, White

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Cover Base №4 is a white camouflage base which help you completely changed from gel polishes to bases. This collection spreads evenly on the nails and creates a beautiful shine. It looks great in a glossy finish and even more interesting in a matte finish.

Features include:

Medium consistency that allows for easy application without running under the cuticle, while still providing full coverage of the nail plate.

Volume: 13 ml

Acidity: 6-7 pH

Medium flexibility

High level of natural nail coverage, fully covering the free edge of the nail

Does not cause shrinkage during wear

Medium consistency, perfect self-levelling 

Does not cause excessive heating of the nail plate during polymerisation , so it does not cause burning in the lamp

Provides wearability without peeling for 3-4 weeks

Has a neutral odour .

Application method:

Standard preparation of the nail plate (degreaser, primer) is required. Before applying the camouflage base, apply thin layer of transparent (recommendation: rubber base Kodi) should be applied for better adhesion.

After that, apply a thin layer of the camouflage base and cure it in a lamp for 60 seconds, you can apply 2 layers if needed. Recommended to cover the camouflage base with a top coat for a longer-lasting effect.

Apply the top coat onto the nail plate and let it dry for 30-60 seconds.

It is recommended to cover the camouflage bases on a reinforced square and long  nail shapes.

Only use original lamps with a power of 48 watts!

Colour: White 

Volume: 13ml

Country of origin: South Korea 

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