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Kodi Ultrabond (No Acid Primer), 15ml

Kodi Ultrabond (No Acid Primer), 15ml

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Ultrabond is an acid-free primer by Kodi Professional. Its formula does not contain methacrylic acid. This primer is safe for the health of the nail plate and the surrounding area, and it doesn't have a strong odour like products that contain acid. The acid-free primer is widely used by nail art professionals in gel systems such as builder, hard gel, biogel modeling and before applying gel polish. It has a gentle and delicate effect on natural nails.

Ultrabond extends the wear time of the manicure, helping to maintain the original shine of the gel coating. The primer is cost-effective, and even a 15 ml bottle lasts for a long time. It is easy to work with and suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. The bottle comes with a convenient brush for easy application in thin layers. The advantages of Ultrabond from the KODI PROFESSIONAL brand include its liquid consistency, which is easy to pick up with a brush and apply thinly to the nail surface. The texture allows for covering the entire nail plate in one stroke. The created layer prolongs the wear time of the manicure and protects the natural nail from the impact of polymer pigments. Acid-free nail primers prevent yellowing and lifting of the nail plate. They also disinfect the nail to prevent the growth of microorganisms between the coating and the natural surface.

Here's how to use the acid-free primer for nails:

1. Push back the cuticles with a wooden stick or cuticle pusher

2. Remove the natural shine using a buffing file

3. Brush away the dust using a brush with stiff bristles

4. Take a small amount of the acid-free primer and wipe off any excess from the edge of the bottle

5. Place the brush at the center of the nail and allow the primer to spread evenly over the entire surface of the nail

6. Adjust the coverage, ensuring it doesn't come into contact with the skin. If it accidentally touches the skin, rinse with running water

7. Aim for a thin coating to prevent lifting

8. Wait for the coating to dry and become tacky.

Colour: Clear

Volume: 15ml

Country of origin: USA

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